ECO-ACTIONS, a new CERN club for preserving our environment!

The club ECO-ACTIONS offers a framework to facilitate projects dedicated to preserving the environment and biodiversity

Are you feeling overwhelmed by plastics? Powerless in the face of ecological catastrophes that threaten the planet? Depressed by lines of cars without passengers? Would you like to share your ideas and recipes for reducing and improving your consumption?

Take action! Join us in the Eco-Actions Club and take part in projects promoting biodiversity and the preservation of the environment. The club’s purpose is to offer a framework and tools for launching several initiatives, such as a shared garden, a network of composters, and tips and tricks for reducing plastic and chemical use. Even at our scale, here at CERN, we can act to preserve nature and our environment.



Dear members,

The brand-new CERN Eco-Actions club is back.

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to suspend all our activities.  Currently we are gradually restarting in parallel with the reopening of CERN.

The committee is enthusiastically working to propose projects to you to be implemented at CERN shortly, as well as smaller activities.

To not miss anything, remember to follow us on the Club's website and on social media.

We are happy and excited to resume our activities and we hope that you remain motivated and committed to future projects of the CERN Eco-Actions club.

See you soon,

The CERN Eco-Actions club steering committee



Weekly Members Meetings

The Eco-Actions club proposes a members meeting each Thursday at 1pm on Zoom.

It is an opportunity to meet each other and brainstorm some ideas for the initiation of our projects.

Join by clicking on this link: ZOOM

We look forward to your participation!

The CERN Eco-Actions club steering committee



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